Activating Kingdom Initiative Embassy

 “The World’s Bridge to the Kingdom Culture”

Jeremiah 1:10Activating Kingdom Initiative is the apostolic mandate and Episcopal Office in which Apostle Jackson actively functions.  The infrastructure that moves AKI are the directives of the Holy God Jehovah, his Anointed, the Lord Jesus and the governor, the Holy Ghost navigates the invisible church in the dispensation of Grace and Truth.

Apostle Jackson is a defender of the faith, makes clear the mandates for the church of the Lord Jesus and acts as an ambassador for the Kingdom.  She serves as a spiritual covering for ministries and leaders.

She has served in ministry for over 50 years and submitted to Tehilliah Church Ministries in Goldsboro, NC under the leadership of Archbishop Anthony Warren Slater.  She has planted three churches in her life-time and understands church planting and government.   Her evangelist ministry is international and crosses cultures and denominations.

References are gladly provided.

Services and Practicum

  • Bi-Monthly Class Workshops – Scheduled workshops to enrich relationship, networking and fellowship.
  • Close-Up Mentorship – One-on-one mentorship and access to advice, and products from Apostle Ezreaonne Jackson.
  • Providing Workshop – for Ministerial Training and Protocol
  • Annual Conferences with relevant workshops, speakers and facilitators.
  • Credential for Ministerial License and Ordains Elders
  • Provide Resources to Religious Accredited classes
  • Access to Apostle Jackson for wise and sound counseling or directions

Meeting with Apostle Ezreaonne Jackson to ascertain your needs and commitment to the Covering Program.

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