Ministry Mentorship

Mentorship Focus:
Defusing the cloudiness

  • Assist client in discovering their uniqueness in ministry and how and where it better serves the Kingdom.
  • Providing resources for deeper understanding of their gifts and talents.
  • Training to assist client on how to dialogue and properly present their skills, talents and gifts.
  • Assist client in understanding transition and how it affects them and their family.
  • Showing how to gracefully move into new seasons of ministry.

Spiritual Life Skills

  • Securing your apologetic ideals by aligning with scripture
  • Learning how to overcome negative and adverse opposition from without and within
  • Teaching the significance of your failures that should procure you future success.
  • Synchronize and Understanding your domestic role and your spiritual role
  • Defusing the voices and sharpening your inner-ear to hear the Holy Spirit for emotional wellness
  • Evaluating and discerning your audience


  • Understanding and developing media savvy
  • Assist client in creating a Purpose and Statement
  • Resources to Graphic and Marketing entrepreneurs
  • Resources to professional persons who know branding and how it works
  • Coaching on how to financial benefit – monetization


  • Conference Call Mentorship – Conferences with Dr. Ezreaonne Jackson may include her mentors, peers, and comrades. Dr. Jackson host a conference once a year.  Throughout the year are webinars, conference calls and personal meetings with her clients.

Compensation packages:

Premiere Ministry Coaching is 6-months or a one year commitment

One time coaching and counseling available upon request

Financial arrangements are available

email at for customized assessment

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