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Biography of Ezreaonne Jackson

Ezreaonne Jackson was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on January 14, 1951, to the late Warren L. Jackson and Yvonne Edwards. Her life’s faith dynamics were Baptist (her father’s preference) and African Methodist Episcopalian (her mother’s preference). Her maternal grandfather, late Right Reverend Dr. Watson Edwards, was an Elder of the African Methodist Episcopal faith and founded Edwards Chapel in Coldwater, Mississippi.  After experiencing a personal encounter with Jesus, at the age of 19, she accepted Christ as her savior through Bishop Curtis A. Timmons’s outreach ministry.

Her evangelistic mantle has caused her to travel extensively.  She has preached and ministered in 26 states, including many of their cities.  Internationally, she has completed two twenty-one-day missionary tours in Jamaica.  She has spoken in Kingston, St. Catherine, and Ocho Rios in Jamaica, West Indies, to congregations of thousands.  In 2002, a two-day elevation ceremony in her honor was endorsed by the Apostolic Regent (College of duly consecrated Bishops and Apostles orchestrated by the late Dr. Garner Trafton), who officially affirmed her 5-fold ministry as an Apostle in the Lord’s Church.  After completing the University of Episcopal Studies, founded by Archbishop Dennis Golphin, she realized the bishopric’s dignity and protocol’s historical value.  She was consecrated as a Bishop by Archbishop Dennis Golphin, Bishop William S. Spain, and Archbishop Anthony Warren Slater on November 14, 2015, in Goldsboro, NC.

Her 20-year career in the business arena centered around administrative skills.  Her employment portfolio is Kaiser Steel, AT&T, Dean Forwarding and Kelly Services, and Snelling Personnel.  She remains active in ministry (human services), including Mentorship Programs, Overseer of several churches, Ministry Coach, and evangelistic work.

Apostle Ezreaonne Jackson has served:

  • David Wilkerson’s Teen Challenge Prison Team Ministry
  • Accepted member of the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Richmond, VA and Vicinity
  • Evangelistic Chair for Gospel Music Workshop of America for seven years.
  • Board member for Men and Women of the Apostolic Movement
  • Assistant to Apostle Garna Trafton, founder of the Bread of Life Fellowship
  • Board Chaplain/advisor and co-founder of Building the Fire Within (B.F.W.) Prison ministry transitional program for non-violent criminals.
  • Member of International Alliance of Bishops founded by Bishop Williams Spain and now Chaired by Archbishop Dennis Golphin in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • 1st Executive Assistant and Apostolic Chairman of the Board of Ordination for Alliance Ministries Equipping Nations (A.M.E.N.) founded by Presiding Prelate Bishop Darryl F. Husband, Sr. in Richmond, VA.
  • 2010 – Founder of Conclave Conferences
  • 2021 – Mentor-Mentee Specialty Coach, Pastor of Activating Kingdom Initiative (virtual church), Outreach Coordinator for Human Services, and full-time evangelism.

After over 20 years of pastoral ministry, she retired from a brick-and-mortar church.   In the winter of 2011, while living on the East Coast for 25 years, the Lord directed Ezreaonne Jackson to return to Northern California.  After planting several concepts of Kingdom Initiative, she moved back to Virginia, the state she loves.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, she was hospitalized in Newport News, VA. for 20-days, survived seven days on a ventilator and five weeks of rehabilitation.  After the experience, she experienced health challenges but overcame them and returned to the ministry with more remarkable tenacity and resolve.

She has reinvented herself after her 70th Birthday and has entered into the profession of Coaching.  Her Mentor-Mentee (MM) Specialty coaching program is designed for women 30 plus targeted at Clarify and Release to assist them in discovery of their specific ministry specialty by defusing the cloudiness with her 6-week one-on-one customized coaching approach.  While she continues to pastor her virtual church and coordinate outreach programs within her organization, she by no means intends to retire any time soon.

Apostle Ezreaonne Jackson is also a published author, The Perils of Ministry and The Perils and Pearls of Ministry, a condensed extension of her first book.  Her biography The Secret Mandate of Rahab is an exhilarating story of her becoming, and Jesus’s Dialogue with Ezer Kenegdo depicts her passion expressed through her hermeneutical prowess concerning the equality of woman according to Jesus.  She is in pursuit of finishing her 52-week devotional called Life After Covid-19.

She received her Bachelor of Arts Religious Studies degree in Biblical Studies from the Regency Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida, received an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from Trinity Bible College in Richmond, VA, and is an Alumni of the Graduate School of Episcopal studies.  She has received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services with the Concentration of Family and Youth Services at the University of Phoenix and pursuing her Master’s in Social Work M.S.W.

She is the mother of Ezreaonne Yates and Sergeant 1st Class James Richmond (U.S. Army).  She is a grandmother to six beautiful children and a godmother to six beautiful daughters.

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